Antimony Ingot Export Prices Stay Stable in Chinese Market

Antimony Export Prices Remain Stable

BEIJING (Asian Metal) 21 Nov 18 – Mainstream export prices for antimony ingot 99.65% min stay at USD 7,800-8,000/t FOB China currently, on a par with late last week. On account of soft demand in the spot market and firm prices of raw material for antimony ingot, it is anticipated that the export process for antimony ingot would stay flat in the coming week.

A trader in Guangxi quotes antimony ingot 99.65% min at USD 8,100/t FOB China at present, with no fluctuation from last week. “We last concluded 20t of antimony ingot 99.65% min at USD 7,800/t FOB China late last week,” the source disclosed, “No deals have been done this week up to now, for customers merely offered prices above USD 7,650/t FOB China, while we could not accept any prices below USD 7,800/t FOB China.” Though their trading volume in November might be decreased by 30% from 800t in October dragged by the weak demand in the spot market, the source predicts that export prices for antimony ingot 99.65% min would stay flat in the following week due to the stable prices of antimony concentrate.

The trader, with a regular monthly trading volume of 800t, hold 2,000t of stocks now.

A trader in Guizhou quotes antimony ingot 99.65% min at USD 8,000/t FOB China, in line with last week. “We last concluded 40t of antimony ingot 99.65% min at USD 8,100/t FOB China in late October,” the source narrated, “Though we decreased prices by USD 100/t from last month, we made no deals so far in November, in that our customers wanted to make us at least USD 200/t of concessions, which is not acceptable for us.” Since the quotation is already close to their cost price, the source assumes that export prices for antimony ingot might stay firm in the coming week.

Having a regular monthly trading volume of 40t, the trader holds 500t of stocks currently, 98% of which would be processed into antimony trioxide in their own plant.

For More Information on Antimony Products

For more information on our antimony products please visit our Flame Retardants page, or you can always give us a call here in the office by visiting our Contact Us page.

This article was retrieved from Argus Metals.

St. Louis Group Spends Halloween Volunteering

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SLG Volunteers to Help Pack Kits for Youth

During this season of giving, St. Louis Group is proud to be a partner with Project Purse and CHIP in the effort to make homelessness short-lived in Indianapolis, especially for our youth. St. Louis Group took the time on Halloween, dressed in our costumes, volunteering to pack purses and hygiene packs with Project Purse Indianapolis. Project Purse is a 501(c)(3) whose mission is to support young ladies and women by providing everyday necessities packed lovingly in a purse. Project Purse Indianapolis provides for ladies (as well as some men) of all types and situations. The #PowerOfThePurse lies in its’ contents: toiletries, beauty items, feminine & oral hygiene products,  first aid and more is thoughtfully packed into each purse while the carrier feels empowered by having access to these items in a like-new handbag. Each donation given by Project Purse Indianapolis also contains a handwritten note from woman-to-woman with words of home, affirmation, and courage. They pack and donate to people experiencing trauma, homelessness, illness, women and girls in low-income areas, those who are recovering from natural disasters, previously incarcerated women, and others.


Our office collected donations of hygiene materials and packed about 75 purses and kits total. These kits went to the Coalition for Homelessness Intervention and Prevention (CHIP) of Indianapolis for their youth count event held this month. The purses and kits were packed with essential hygiene products and include a note written by members of our staff with words of empowerment and encouragement. They were distributed to the youth that attended the event held in Indianapolis. The youth count works to connect youth in our area who are experiencing homelessness to services that aid them in improving their situations, and, hopefully, get them housed quickly. This event is also an opportunity to get a sense of how many youths in Indianapolis are experiencing homelessness so that our service agencies are better equipped to handle and alleviate these situations.


We are thankful that our community has organizations working to help our neighbors in times of need, and we are happy to be part of the solution and volunteer in this way. We encourage those that are interested to visit their sites to learn more about the important work that is being done in our city.


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