At the St. Louis Group we are known for providing flame retardants and smoke suppressants, but we recently discovered a new use for our antimony: pottery. Antimony is a metal that we manufacture in Bolivia and China, and we recently had a customer inform us of his hobby and side business of ceramics. You can visit his site to view his studio’s work here.  He expressed that he and the other members of the studio were interested in using our antimony in producing some of their art, and we were on board to help! They said that they are currently working on various luster glazing techniques and that our antimony would be an excellent addition to the line up. We are so honored to have received a couple of those pieces and we are proudly displaying the pieces to share with those who visit us at our headquarters in Indianapolis.

The larger bowl pictured is a piece by Bert-Jan Baas and is a pinch pot with copper and silver and an antimony luster glaze. It was fired at 1020° C and cooled to 680° C before being reduced and cooled. The shorter of the two bowls is a piece by artist Dave Gutman and is  a wheel thrown piece fired 2400° C, then refired with a luster glaze on the outside of the bowl.

Again, visit the website to view more of this work. Give us a call at 317.975.3121 or email us at to learn more about our antimony products and how they can help you.