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BEIJING (Asian Metal) 24 Jul 18 – Currently, Brazilian antimony ingot 99.65% min’s mainstream prices keep at USD 8,150-8,350/t CFR Brazil, same as last week. As a reaction to subdued demand, the market witnesses poor demand. Insiders hold the view that Brazilian antimony ingot 99.65%. min market would remain slack in the coming week.

“We prefer to run down stocks now and didn’t buy antimony ingots from early June for poor downstream demand,” said a Brazilian trader, who revealed that suppliers quote antimony ingot 99.65% min around USD 8,250/t CFR Brazil for 10t presently, without much change from one week ago. The source could make a counteroffer of USD50/t to USD 8,200/t now. Their last buying of the material was 10t at USD 8,250/t CFR Brazil at the beginning of June. They anticipated that Brazilian antimony ingot 99.65% min market would keep slow in the forthcoming days.

The trader, with a regular volume of 30tpm, would take 20t in July, unchanged from last month, holding 40tpm of stocks now.

Another trader in Brazil shared with Asian Metal that antimony ingot99.65% min prices remain at USD 8,200/t CFR Brazil at present, on a par with last week. Late last week, they wanted to buy at USD 8,150/t, while suppliers refused to accept prices below USD 8,200/t, as a result, they did not make a purchase over the past two weeks to de-stock. Their last purchase was 50t at USD 8,200/t CFR Brazil in late June. The source expected that Brazilian antimony ingot 99.65% min market would remain dim next week.

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