Slow Antimony Market

BEIJING (Asian Metal) 8 January 19 – At present, mainstream prices for Chinese antimony 99.65% min and 99.85% min stand at RMB 49,000-50,000/t (USD 7,153-7,299/t) and RMB 49,500-50,500/t (USD 7,226-7,372/t) EXW D/P respectively, both down by RMB 400/t (USD 58.39/t) from last week. Downstream antimony dioxide plants are going to suspend production amid relatively weak end demand at the year-end. Meanwhile, some consumers still wait for lower prices with relatively sufficient stocks in hand. As a result, spot transactions are scarce now. It is predicted that prices for Chinese antimony ingot 99.65% min and 99.85% min would continue to dip in the coming week.

“We quote RMB 49,500/t (USD 7,226/t) EXW D/P for antimony ingot 99.65% min at the moment, down by RMB 300/t (UDS 43.80/t) compared with that of last week. We lower our price to reduce stocks at the end of the year, but refuse to accept counteroffers,” noted a Hunan-based producer, adding that their last deal of 20t was sealed at RMB 49,500/t (USD 7,226/t) early last week. Mainstream prices for antimony concentrate 50% still hover at the high level of around RMB 38,500/t (USD 5,620/t), but given the need to ease capital pressure, he expects antimony ingot 99.65% min prices to inch down further in the following week.

With an annual production capacity of 5,000t for antimony ingot, the producer expects to see an output of 300t in January, unchanged from the previous month, holding 500 t of stocks now.

“Our suppliers offer antimony ingot 99.65% min at RMB 49,800/t (USD 7,270/t) EXW D/P currently, down by RMB 200/t (USD 29.20/t) from that of last week. With relatively adequate stocks in hand, we have no plan to make purchases temporarily, waiting for lower prices,” disclosed a Hunan-based consumer, adding that they last bought 120t of the material at RMB 50,000/t (USD 7,299/t) in mid-December 2018. They plan to suspend production in late January and thus are uninterested in making purchases of raw material, predicting that prices for antimony ingot 99.85% min would keep dropping in the coming week.

With an annual consumption capacity of 40,000t for antimony ingot, the consumer expects to use 300t in January, in line with last month and has 100t of stocks now.

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This article was retrieved from Asian Metals.

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