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BEIJING (Asian Metal) 25 June 18 – Suppliers promote the materials to recoup money and consumers remain inactive to make purchases as they are both pessimistic towards the market. It is predicted that domestic antimony ingot prices might show a slight downtrend in the coming two weeks.

A producer in South China now moves down antimony ingot 99.85% min prices to around RMB 51,000/t (USD 7,798/t) EXW Inc-VAT for around 30t seeing a decline of RMB 100/t (USD 76/t) from one week ago for poorer demand. One consumer made a counteroffer of RMB 100/t (USD 15/t) and bought about 30t at RMB 50,900/t (USD 7,783/t) late last week. They are not optimistic towards the market and intend to recoup money as soon as possible. The source expected that Chinese antimony ingot 99.85% min prices might decrease by RMB 500/t (USD 78/t) in the forthcoming two weeks.

With a capacity of 5,000 tpy for antimony ingots, the plant would produce 300t in June, unchanged from May, holding around 300t of stocks presently.

Currently, we reduce low-bismuth antimony ingot 99.65% min prices to around RMB 50,500/t (USD 7,722/t) EXW Inc-VAT for about 30t, down by RMB 500/t (USD 76/t) early last week,” said another producer in South China. On the backdrop of slower demand resulting from China and the US trade war, they didn’t conclude any new orders over the past two weeks. Their last sale of the material was around 30t at about RMB 51,000/t) USD 7,798/t) in the first half of June. They supposed that Chinese antimony ingot99.65% min process might go down slightly by about RMB 500/t (USD 76/t) in the following two weeks.

With an annual capacity of 3,000t for antimony ingots, they would produce 150t in June, same as May, holding 200t of stocks now.

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