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BEIJING (Asian Metal) 7 May 18 – The North American market antimony ingot 99.65%min prices stand at USD 3.7-3.8/ lb in warehouse Baltimore now, unchanged from one week ago. The market sees stable [antimony ingot] demand generally. Market insiders expected the process of the material are likely to keep steady in the coming week.

A northern American consumer shared with Asian Metal that their supplier refuses to sell antimony ingot 99.65% min at USD3.70/lb in warehouse Baltimore at present, flat from one week ago. They just bought 10t of the material at USD 3.70/lb in warehouse Baltimore four days ago. They predicted that antimony ingot 99.65% min prices in the North American market might remain stable in the following days.

The consumer, with a consumption volume of 120tpy, expects to use 10t in May, same as April, holding 10t of stocks at the time being.

“Our suppliers quote antimony ingot99.65% min at USD 3.80/lb in warehouse Baltimore and does not accept prices below USD 3.75/lb currently, same as last week,” said another Northers American consumer, who could accept the price level of USD 3.75/lb if they make purchases. Their last purchase was 20t of the material at USD 3.75/lb in warehouse in Baltimore two weeks ago. The source added that the spot market sees generally stable demand, hence it is anticipated that antimony ingot 99.65% min prices in the North American market would lie unchanged in the forthcoming week.

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