Beijing, 7 February (Argus) —

China’s antimony concentrate imports fell in 2019 because of tighter profit margins at mines and moderate domestic demand.

The country imported 62,689t of antimony concentrate in 2019, down by 29.79pc from 89,287t a year earlier, official customs data show.

Shipments from Tajikistan slipped by 8.9pc from a year earlier to 26,781t in 2019. Deliveries from Russia fell by 49.02pc to 18,971t, while imports from Australia dropped by 12.63pc to 6,995t.

Shipments from Myanmar (Burma) totalled 6,870t, up by 127pc from a year earlier. Imports from Bolivia fell by 11pc to 1,112t. Deliveries from Canada were 1,031t against no imports from the country in 2018.

Argus yesterday assessed prices stable at 35,000-37,000 yuan/t ($5,007-5,293/t) ex-works for 99.65pc metal.  Market participants have opted to observe the coronavirus outbreak situation amid a halt of logistics services. There is potential for a short-term upside in prices in the coming days because of a fall in supplies resulting from output closures amid the coronavirus crisis.

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This article was retrieved from Argus Metals