China’s January-September antimony output up

Beijing, 3 November (Argus) —

China’s antimony production rose during January-September as several producers maintained or lifted output on continued price gains.

Output totalled 78,843t during January-September, up by 20.29pc from the same period in 2020, according to data from the China Nonferrous Metal Industry Association (CNMIA).

September production of 9,666t increased by 12.28pc from 8,609t a year earlier and fell slightly from 9,757t a month previously.

Prices for antimony on 2 November were assessed stable at 66,000-67,000 yuan/t ($10,317-10,474/t) ex-works, following a fall of Yn2,000/t on 28 October, with production restarts in Hunan province’s Lengshuijiang and a slowdown in demand from the flame retardant industry. Almost all smelters in the main production hub of Lengshuijiang restarted production as environmental issues eased.

Article Retrieved from: ArgusMetal

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