Beijing, 10 February (Argus)

China’s antimony metal exports grew in 2019 as a result of Beijing’s crackdown on unauthorized boarder shipments since 2016.
The country exported 12,704t of the minor metal in 2019, up by 141pc from 5,274t in 2018.
Shipments to South Korea rose by 48pc from a year earlier, to 2,374t in 2019, while supplies to Belgium increased from 475pc to 2,272t. Deliveries to Japan and the Netherlands were 1,908t and 1,504t, up by 77pc respectively.
Exports to India surged by 2,436pc from a year earlier, to 1,015t in 2019. Shipments to France were 1,003t, with no shipments in 2018.
Exports of antimony metal from China declined in December by 4.48pc and from November to 1,259t in December, but grew by 133pc from 540t in December 2018.
China’s legitimate exports have returned to normal since September 2018 as Beijing took measures to curb unauthorized trading. Most Chinese shipments were via illegal boarder trades from Guangxi Province since 2007. This is after Beijing removed a 5pc export rebate in July 2006.
The Chinese government adopted several measures to clamp down on unauthorized trading since 2016. A cargo of 3,000t of metal was seized in August 2018, with 11 participants arrested. China’s Changsha customs at the end of 2019 seized 20t of antimony metal and arrested two traders who had allegedly smuggled the metal

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This article was retrieved from Argus Metals