BEIJING (Asian Metal) 21 Sep 17 – Mainstream transaction prices for antimony ingot 99.65%min and antimony ingot 99.85%min rest at RMB52,000-53,000/t (USD7,885-8,037/t) and RMB53,000-54,000/t (USD 8,037-8,188/t) EXW VAT included respectively at present, both down by RMB 1,000/t (USD 152/t) from their quotations last week. The price decrease can be blamed for the sluggish demand. Some suppliers continue to lower their quotations to promote sales and thus insiders predict that Chinese antimony ingot prices still have room to further decline in the coming week.

A trader from Hunan, mainly dealing with retailing businesses, quotes RMB 53,000/t (USD8,037/t) EXW VAT included for antimony 99.85%min this week, down by RMB1,000/t (USD152/t) from that of last week, while offers RMB 54,000/t (USD8,188/t) for the purchasing amount of less than 5t at which the source sold around 2t earlier this week, a decline of RMB500/t (USD75.82/t) from early last week. “I believe that prices would continue to go down during the remaining part of the month owing the dim demand, so I have no intention to replenish stock,” stated the source.

The trader, typically trading around 50tpm of antimony ingot, sold around 40t in August and 40t in September, holding about 20t of stocks at present.

A producer from Guizhou disclosed that some customers intended to purchase low-bismuth antimony ingot 99.65%min at RMB46,000/t (USD6,975/t) EXW VAT excluded (VAT=11%) this week, down by RMB1,000/t (USD152/t) against that of last week, but he didn’t sell as the lowest price he can accept was RMB48,000/t (USD7,280/t) EXW VAT excluded. They last sold around 2 trucks of low-bismuth antimony ingot 99.65%min at RMB49,000/t (USD7,432/t) EXW VAT excluded early last month. “We choose to take a watchful attitude towards the market now as there are only a few buyers in the market who press prices down aggressively,” the source stated, predicting that Chinese antimony ingot prices may continue to decline until the end of the month based on the current market demand.

With an annual capacity of 3,600t of antimony ingot, the producer produced about 260t in August and expects 200t for September, holding around 100t of stocks for now.

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