January 16, 2018 – In order to intensify supply-side structural reform of mining industry, the mineral exploration in Guizhou will change from solid energy mineral (coal) to clean energy (shale gas, coalbed methane), and form mineral (barite) used in heavy chemical induastries to strategic nonmetallic minerals (fluorite and other minerals).

Recently, according to the news from Department of Land and Resources of Guizhou Province, the province will coordinate the order of coal mining, and supports coal mining owners to change and increase mine types to build the demonstration zones for coalbed methane development and utilization in Panjiang & Songhe, Zhijn & Nayong and Changgang & Yaxi of North Guizhou; it will conduct key construction of shale gas development bases in North and Northeast Quizhou, and tries to achieve an annual capacity of 2 billion cubic meters of shale gas in 2020.

Meanwhile, Guizhou will restrict the exploration of antimony ore, black-shale-type Mo-Ni-V ore, low-grade pyrite. barite, and phosphorite-type rare earth ore, thallium ore, arsenic ore, high-fluorine coal and high-arsenic coal, and strengthen the development and utilization of important functional nonmetallic minerals, such as fluorite, palygorskite and others.

Guizhou will vigorously promote green exploration, improve green exploration technology system with the application of new technologies, such as airborne geophysical prospecting, remote sensing, ect., and reduce the impact on ecological environment in the process of exploration following the principle of ecological environment protection first and full respect for people’s will.

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Article Retrieved from: AsianMetal.com