St. Louis Group manufactures and distributes a comprehensive line of flame retardants and smoke suppressants that include traditional smoke suppressants, as well as low cost AOM alternatives and high performance proprietary blends.
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SmokeShield® AOM
Ammonium Octamolybdate
CAS #12411-64-2

SmokeShield® ZB5
Anhydrous Zinc Borate
CAS #12767-90-7

SmokeShield® MO
Molybdic Oxide
CAS #1313-27-5

SmokeShield® ZHS
Zinc Hydroxystannate
CAS #12027-96-2

SmokeShield® ZB2
Zinc Borate
CAS #138265-88-0
High zinc; extra charformer

SmokeShield® ZS
Zinc Stannate
CAS #12036-37-2

SmokeShield® ZB4
Zinc Borate
CAS #138265-88-0
Particle size, D50:2-5 microns

SmokeShield® ZM-7
Molybdenum/Zinc Complex
CAS #Proprietary Mixture

SmokeShield® ZB8
Zinc Borate
CAS #138265-88-0
Particle size, D50: 6-10 microns

SmokeShield® ZM-23
Magnesium/Zinc Complex
CAS #Proprietary Mixture