St. Louis Group Attending 2022 American Coatings Show and Conference Held in Indianapolis

March 2022 –

After a hiatus in 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the coatings industry is excited to return to Indianapolis in 2022. Cheryl Matthews, vice president of Events and Expositions at the American Coatings Association, offers insight into the new features of the show and conference.

Since the last ACS unfortunately had to be canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, does it feel different to prepare the event for 2022?

Cheryl Matthews: Every aspect of planning for the 2022 American Coatings Show and Conference is different due to COVID-19. Even 24 months later, the pandemic is constantly evolving, and as the organizers of the show, we must stay on top of the changing protocols that might affect the outcome of the event.

Planning a large trade show is complex in a normal year; but considering state and local mandates, international travel restrictions, and different protocols from 15-20 hotels, it adds another level of complexity to the planning process. Our industry has expressed that they would like to return to an in-person trade show. Our goal is to do so in a way that protects those that attend, and ensures they have a great experience.

Have you set a particular focus for the upcoming show?

Matthews: Our focus for the 2022 AC Show and Conference will be to give exhibitors an opportunity to present their new products and innovations at the largest industry gathering since the 2019 European Coatings Show. This will be the first major trade show/conference in our industry in almost three years by April 2022.

Are there any new features of the show and conference?

Matthews: There are many new features that we will roll out in 2022. The trade show will feature new branding that has been used on marketing materials, but not on the show floor. It will provide the exhibition hall a new, fresh look.

We have also redesigned the schedule of events so that the AC Show and Conference take place Tuesday through Thursday. This will give conference attendees numerous opportunities to visit the show floor each day. For the first time, all breaks for the American Coatings Conference will be held in the same hall as the exposition. Attendees of the conference and show will share joint luncheons, and conference breaks will provide opportunities for attendees to spend more time at the exhibition throughout the event. The goal is to provide a more seamless, integrated event for participants and more opportunities for exhibitors to engage with attendees.

The launch of the Powder Coatings pavilion will provide exhibitors an opportunity to highlight industry-specific products and services and draw attendees whose interests and business needs focus on that segment of the industry.

This article was retrieved from American Coatings Show

American Coatings Show and Conference 2020 is Canceled

May 1, 2020 —

After weeks of painstaking consideration, including input from the industry, organizers of the ACS/ACC have decided to cancel the event. Given all relevant circumstances, including the continued unknown variables of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, corresponding changes by governments, and challenges to businesses, this was an unavoidable decision. The show will resume its biennial schedule April 5-7, 2022, at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis.

The decision was difficult, as the organizers understand the important role the ACS/ACC serves in offering a platform for new products and technologies, connecting industry professionals, and educating coatings scientists. Although the 2020 installment will not proceed this year, the ACS/ACC will continue to serve as the most significant coatings show in North America when it resumes in 2022. In the meantime, ACS/ACC organizers remain committed to helping industry professionals stay up to date on the latest technology trends and innovations in coatings. Launching May 6, ACC Virtual will deliver ACC presentations through an in-depth, online learning experience. Additional information about this unique opportunity will be available in the coming weeks.

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This article was retrieved from American Coatings Show